Colin & Justin add some luxe to your outdoor scheme

Interior designers Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan share their new faves for taking interior chic to our exterior spaces.
Interior designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan.


WITH TRAVEL PLANS so frustratingly undermined (for the most part, certainly) Canadians everywhere are looking to their garden zones, in an attempt to harness the spirit of escape. Accordingly, outdoor space is now appraised as much more than simply that little spot of terrain beyond the back door. These days, it has morphed into a well-being destination; a sanctuary in which to discharge the stresses of the current climate.

This in mind, herewith a précis of luxury items with which to indulge your terrace, balcony or backyard. Let’s face it, if your garden looks set to be your only holiday destination this year, its status should be amplified to accord it five-star style.

Take brilliant sound everywhere courtesy of the compact Sonos Roam. Stream music with WiFi at home, or listen on the go with Bluetooth. Thanks to smart capabilities such as premium waterproofing, durable design, all-day battery life and a flawless listening experience, you can now take your soundtrack with you wherever you roam—probably close to home. This beauty lets you enjoy up to ten hours of continuous playback on a single charge. Available in either Lunar White or Shadow Black. sonos.com

Come on: spread eagle in your garden, applying layer upon layer of Piz Buin, you want to be assured that sightlines—to your glistening corporal form—are restricted, n’est ce pas? Create immediate privacy—whilst baffling unwelcome breezes—with a Sunwall system by Sunspace Sunrooms. Not only will the system help establish a tranquil oasis, it also looks fantastic, and will allow you to delineate and enhance your deck, patio or garden’s overall aesthetic. sunspacesunrooms.com

Mimicking interior design outdoors is a key trend for 2021, so the prospect of design-rich, sculptural lighting (for exterior application) is a no brainer. The Wind Floor Lamp by Vibia references the lines of European interior lighting, but, due to innovative construction, UV stabilized paint, a hefty concrete base and polarized plug, it’s perfectly at home outside. Imparting both direct and diffused light, the clever piece is available in brown, green or red, making it sufficiently versatile to complement most décor styles. casadiluce.ca

As the sun descends and temperatures begin to dip, the time is right to tap into your primal urges and gather around flickering flames. If your camp fire, however, is the ‘pits’ (for all the wrong reasons) perhaps it’s time to get your groove on with the Deco Fire Bowl by Henrik Pedersen from Design Within Reach. The impressive, powder coated steel unit is held aloft on splayed legs for added ceremony, and looks, for all the world, like it just descended from the heady heights of Mount Olympus. Yup, it’s super hot! dwr.com

Water features add a tranquil dimension to the great outdoors, but the Scupper by Solus goes a step further by serving up a side order of beauty. Available in ten hand cast colours—with an attendant choice of brass, stainless steel or copper water channel, aka, the scupper—these clean-lined, self-contained units make it easy to integrate flowing water to help reap the rewards of a gentler existence. solusdecor.com

Ah, bliss: there’s little quite as indulgent as swathing yourself in a luxurious robe after a dip in the lake or pool. And if Italian chic is your thing, then Missoni is the answer. Check out the revered fashion house’s range of towels, robes and accessories at ARD Outdoor, in conjunction with Jean Paul & Co. Hey, why rely on the weather to be bright, when you can be a beacon of light this season? ardoutdoor.com

Candle lanterns don’t just look pretty; they also minimize frustrating blow-out. Position a row of lanterns along an exterior dining table, or use, in isolation, atop an occasional table to create soothing pools of light and scent. Designed by Jean-Marc Gady for Diptyque, the jumbo candleholder is handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Vendée region of France, and perfect for use with 300g candles. Pair with your favourite Diptique scent, and let those olfactory clouds surround you. diptyqueparis.com

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