Appliances by Signature Kitchen Suite are now available in Canada

Signature Kitchen Suite, range of luxury appliances is now available in Canada.

SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE, a new brand in the luxury kitchen appliance market, recently became available in Ontario. Employing leading-edge technology to offer versatile, high-precision kitchen appliances, Signature Kitchen Suite embraces a new generation of forward-thinking home cooks. Signature Kitchen Suite delivers premium, built-in appliances that provide flexibility and modern technology. Shown here, the Integrated Column Wine Refrigerator’s built-in wine columns were inspired by the ideal environment of historic old-world wine caves. Designed for precise wine preservation, these refrigerators utilize exclusive “Wine Cave Technology” to provide protection from wine’s four biggest threats: vibration, light, and variations in temperature and humidity. Available in 18 and 24-inch models. signaturekitchensuite.com/ca-en

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