Monday haircare products launch in Canada


One of the latest additions to the haircare aisle is Monday Haircare, just launched in Canada after successful launches in New Zealand and Australia.

The brand is the brainchild of New Zealand entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast Jaimee Lupton who was inspired to create a range of products that would make luxury formulations available to everyone. “I’m a huge believer that every person, no matter their story, should be entitled to look and feel good,” says Lupton. “Not only is Monday’s formula second-to-none, we tend to think feeling good on the outside doesn’t mean much unless you feel good on the inside, too—so as a brand, we’re also committed to operating as ethically and sustainably as we can. We want to change the hair game (and your hair) for the better. We think you’re going to love us.”

All Monday products are SLS (sodium laureth sulphate is commonly found in many haircare products, because it helps create lather, but it can also be drying) and paraben-free, PETA certified as cruelty-free and packaged in recyclable bottles that have been produced from recycled materials. The distinctive square design is not just so it looks great in your bathroom, it means the bottles can be packed much tighter and more efficiently for shipping. Plus, the pump top means just the right amount of product is distributed each time you use it.

Monday is available in four lines to suit different haircare needs: Smooth, Volume, Gentle and Moisture. mondayhaircare.com

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