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Le Creuset unveils their latest new shade: Nutmeg

Add a little spice to your kitchen with this warm, creamy shade of cookware
Le Creuset is introducing a new shade—Nutmeg—available in March.

We’re all certainly spending more time at home, and more time in our kitchens preparing—and enjoying—meals. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some professional quality cookware to take the task to the next level?

For 2021, iconic kitchenware brand Le Creuset is introducing Nutmeg as the latest hue to join their colourful lineup.

Nutmeg joins the family of Le Creuset colours like Meringue and Oyster that convey complete tranquillity; a calm and radiance permeating through the kitchen and the home. This beautifully soft neutral, almost mineral-like tone creates the setting for deep relaxation and optimism to wash over us. Elegant, earth-toned, and subtly sweet, Nutmeg is as rich and distinctive as its namesake spice. This “new neutral” combines cool and dramatic undertones, looking equally at home in modern, minimal and rustic kitchens.

Le Creuset represents a tradition of lasting, authentic design. Since 1925, the world-renowned brand has inspired generations with premium products that epitomize enduring quality, classic aesthetics and rigorous craftsmanship. Today, Le Creuset is the most sought-after cookware product in Canada amongst both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Nutmeg will be available in all the brands’s portfolio of enamelled cast iron cookware, dinnerware and Café Collection at LeCreuset.ca and Le Creuset Boutiques across Canada beginning March 5, 2021.

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