Get “Happy” and eight diamonds for luck from Chopard

Add a bit of chic to your wrist with Chopard's iconic Happy Sport

Whether you’re in jeans or stilettos, dashing to a meeting or headed to the opera, a timepiece adds a note of sophistication. The Happy Sport from Chopard is “a fiery flash, a state of mind, a free spirit.”

The 90s saw the birth of the cult watch, a symbol of a glamorous, multifaceted epoch… worn by the likes of Caroline Bessette Kennedy, Kate Moss and Lucy Liu, they all brought their own style to the sport-chic look. The signature Happy Sport—invented by Chopard in 1993—stars an alliance between steel and diamonds. A first in the codified world of watchmaking, this daring feat became a must-have that made history. Adored, envied, and unequalled. On the wrists of style-making women, the Happy Sport has become an icon.

Lady in red

More than a just a colour, red carries within it the singularity of a flamboyant presence. It’s a colour that affirms, ignites and embraces. Red is also a colour tinged with an aura of luck: in China, red is the symbol of good fortune and joy. Happy Sport combines the colour red with ethical 18-carat rose gold, demonstrating Chopard’s faithful commitment to sustainable luxury. The mother-of-pearl dial brings to life an infinite number of reflections and shades of red, the alligator leather strap encircles the wrist, while the ruby on the crown sets a joyful finishing touch to this precious guardian of time.

Eight diamonds for luck

Within this sumptuous theatre, the actors are ready to start the show. Eight dancing diamonds whirl and twirl, prolonging the joyful trajectories of the woman wearing the Happy Sport on her wrist. Endless motion and an endless live show where light, elegance and freedom linger. Eight diamonds, like the promise of infinite happiness. In most cultures throughout history, the figure 8 has been a happy omen, a sign of balance, completeness and prosperity. In China, the symbolism of this number is particularly important: considered a good-luck charm, 8 is always a guarantee of success.

The perfect curves, richness and power of 8 echo the proportions of the Happy Sport, whose 33 mm-diameter case is inspired by the rules of the golden ratio and dictated by the size of the Chopard 09.01-C movement with which the collection is equipped. Absolute, unambiguous perfection providing a crimson stage for a palette of emotions in perpetual motion. Along with the motto, “Be happy” as a lucky charm!

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