The first Tudor watch boutique in North America is open in Toronto

The Raffi Jewellers Tudor boutique opened in late November at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. The space reflects the Tudor brand’s style with red, black and grey hues combined with a mixture of high-quality finishes.

Leading luxury watch retailer, Raffi Jewellers, has partnered with Tudor Watch to open the first brand boutique in North America at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre

“Tudor watches have an unparalleled reputation for technical and design excellence. Yorkdale is Canada’s most successful shopping centre and attracts a wide range of shoppers, including those with an interest in luxury products of Tudor’s caliber,” says Kimberly Barnard, Yorkdale Shopping Centre General Manager. “We’re delighted to welcome the first Tudor Boutique in North America in partnership with Raffi Jewellers, ahead of the holiday season with the brand’s complete inventory in one place.”

Due to current Covid-19 protocols, the boutique has pivoted to virtual appointments and a curbside pickup option. Visit the store website for more information.

The Tudor boutique offers an exceptional range of men’s and women’s timepieces, including a range of classic, sport, diving, and heritage inspired watches, including the newly released Tudor Royal line, a sport-chic range of watches with integrated bracelet, signature-notched bezel, and automatic movement, both versatile and affordable (shown below).

The Tudor Boutique Concept

To further establish the brand’s distinctive image and make it even more easily identifiable, Tudor has reimagined the architecture and design of its points of sale. The concept has been developed to place the watches as the main focus of attention and express the character and identity of the brand. The boutique’s colour palette is inspired by the brand’s three iconic colours (black, red, white) and is presented in a range of materials. This new concept allows the visitor to be entirely immersed in the world of Tudor.

TUDOR is #BornToDare

The Tudor signature is #BornToDare. It reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. It tells the adventures of individuals, usually anonymous, who have achieved the extraordinary on land, on ice, in the air, or underwater, with a Tudor watch on their wrists. It also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of the brand, who manufactured Tudor watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyles. Finally, it is testimony to Tudor’s pioneering approach to watchmaking, which has helped to make it what it is today. At the cutting edge of the watchmaking industry, the brand’s innovations are now essential benchmarks. The Tudor #BornToDare spirit is supported globally by high-profile ambassadors – Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Jay Chou, the All Blacks – whose achievements directly result from a daring approach to life.

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