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WITH AUTUMN UPON US, and summer's warm breath a distant memory, it's time to cozy up ahead of the mercury's further descent, say Colin and Justin.


GO ON: LAYER ON THOSE THICK, textural sweaters, turn up the thermostat and get ready to embrace Mother Nature at her autumnal finest. You know you want to. There’s little we enjoy more than dashing outdoors (wrapped up snuggly, of course) to watch those last, reluctant leaves detach from their branches and tumble gently to the ground. Aye, it’s time to welcome the crispness of fall, and another Canadian winter that lies just around the corner…

In decorative terms, fall is easily our favourite season: a time for spaces to embrace change by adopting a brand new look. But for us – and indeed our clients – it’s often less about full scale renovation and more about how a sequence of simple changes can transition one’s environment from creatively cool to effortlessly cozy.


Adding warm golden tones, rich reds and earthy browns will instantly suffuse your room with seasonal credentials. Use accessories in berry, woodsy or golden tones to stay bang on trend. Add soft furnishings, rugs or artwork to provide colour without commitment, or go the whole hog with wallpaper and paint.

For a slice of endless summer in an autumnal feel, try Hummingbirds 112/4016 wallpaper from Cole & Son or opt for Yellowstone or Caliente paint colours from Benjamin Moore.

Add warmth and a touch of whimsy with Hummingbirds 112/4016 by Cole & Son.


Imagine your chesterfield (or bed) as a classic year-round jacket; a fashion staple that can be dressed up, or down, as required. How would you warm it up for fall? You’d pile on the layers, right? Exactly. So treat your sofa to indulgent cushions and throws, chunky knits, textural weaves and faux furs to enhance the tactile quotient.

In the bedroom, gorgeous sheets will help add a luxe hotel vibe, so hit the stores, remembering “feel appeal.” Check out the range of beautiful cushions and blankets made in Peru at Cambie and for bedding that we consider some of the market’s best, visit Aizome. Their Japanese indigo-dyed organic sheets encourage a one-of-a-kind soft sleeping experience. Rich in tryptanthrin (the antimicrobial ingredient in indigo that supports skin-healing) Aizome claims fewer skin allergies as a distinct benefit to their collection. And healthier equals happier…


It’s fair to report that undressed windows can appear cold, and may expose you to the elements, so dress for the occasion and adjust to match the changing climate. With shorter days and longer nights upon us, there’s less time to embrace daylight – you head to work when it’s dark and you head home in twilight – so swap out diaphanous summer curtains for heavier drapery panels to keep colder air at bay, or add light and draught baffling blinds behind existing curtains as a secondary warming layer.


Any competent designer will attest that rooms need a focal point, and, in the autumnal context, there’s no better way to provide focus – and draw attention – than by installing a fireplace. Like a hypnotized moth, you’ll soon be seduced by its flickering flames. In our 39th floor Toronto condo, we don’t have the luxury of a real fire, but we happily make do with the 21st Century equivalent – a flickering hearth beamed directly through our wall mounted flat screen TV via our cable provider. You might also like to consider a steam “flame” option like the Opti-myst Pro Built in Firebox from Dimplex. Seriously, it’s a genius piece of kit that provides convincing kinetics (faux flames) and ample real heat to cozy up proceedings.

Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro.


Polished wood floors look amazing in summer (and encourage sunlight to reflect and cascade through your space) but, for your home’s fall iteration, add a rug to break up the silky smoothness. The textural element underfoot will be rewarding, whilst the introduction of pattern and colour will add interest. Choosing a rug, as we see it certainly, is like choosing a piece of art upon which you can walk. With this in mind, think form, style and colour and consider how your tufted lovely will contribute to your home’s overall style. Check out the range of Scandinavian rugs from Weavers Art. This blue/gray hand knotted wool rug is a guaranteed room warmer!

Add softness underfoot with a rug. This “Scandi” rug from Weaver’s Art ($3,850 for approximate 8-foot by 10-foot) hits all the right notes.

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