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Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants releases annual list of top dining & drinking destinations

Chef Masaki Saito at his Toronto restaurant Sushi Masaki Saito, awarded Best New Restaurant on this year’s list of Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants. PHOTO Alfred Chow

It’s been a long time since we were able to visit our favourite restos for a leisurely dining experience, but restaurants are beginning to reopen based on provincial guidelines. To celebrate this positive turn of events, Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants announced the release of their sixth annual list of the country’s top dining destinations. The annual publication is a showcase of Canada’s best places to dine as selected by a team of 103 judges.

“When we found ourselves in the home stretch of production for our annual ranking issue and suddenly every last one of the 100 restaurants on our new list shut down, we knew we had to embrace the sudden and challenging change. We look forward to seeing staffing numbers continue to rise and we can hardly wait to get back to eating on-site—even if it’s behind a shield of Perspex, with empty tables to the left and right of us,” shares editor Jacob Richler.

The associated reviews have been shortened to make space for updates on what restaurants are doing with takeout and pickup and any other initiatives to keep the lights on, rehire staff and keep suppliers busy. Unlike previous years, the top 50 restaurants are arranged in the magazine by region rather than ranking. The issue also includes Canada’s 50 Best Bars—a comprehensive guide on where to sip and savour across the nation—with a recommended cocktail selection from each location. 

You can pick up a copy of Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants 2020 beginning July 6.

And the winners are…

The Best New Restaurants: 

This year’s list includes 22 new restaurants, including:

Sushi Masaki Saito, Toronto – named Best New Restaurant 2020
Alice, Ottawa
Beba, Montreal
Arvi, Quebec City
Lulu Bar, Calgary
Como Taperia, Vancouver

The Awards

Outstanding Chef: Patrick Kriss
Sponsored by Nespresso

Best Farm to Table: Canoe
Sponsored by King Cole Duck

One to Watch: Rafael Covarrbias
Sponsored by S. Pellegrino

Best Sommelier: Bryant Mao
Sponsored by Mark Anthony Wines & Spirits

Best Pastry Chef: Kenta Takahashi
Sponsored by Cacao Barry

Most Innovative Chef: Daniel Hadida and Eric Robertson
Sponsored by Canada Beef

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants 2020

 1. Alo (Toronto)

2. St. Lawrence (Vancouver)

3. Joe Beef (Montreal)

4. Langdon Hall (Cambridge)

5. Raymonds (St. John’s, NL)

6. Toqué! (Montreal)

7. Montréal Plaza (Montreal)

8. Giulietta (Toronto)

9. Edulis (Toronto)

10. Sushi Masaki Saito (Toronto)

11. Buca (Yorkville, Toronto)

12. Kissa Tanto (Vancouver)

13. Bar Von Der Fels (Calgary)

14. Shokunin (Calgary)

15. Dreyfus (Toronto)

16. Le Mousso (Montreal)

17. The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette (Jordan Station, ON)

18. Skippa (Toronto)

19. Hawksworth (Vancouver)

20. Bar Kismet (Halifax)

21. Vin Mon Lapin (Montreal)

22. Pastel (Montreal)

23. Le Vin Papillon (Montreal)

24. Boulevard (Vancouver)

25. Beba (Verdun)

26. Riviera (Ottawa)

27. Canoe (Toronto)

28. Bar Isabel (Toronto)

29. Alobar (Yorkville)

30. L’Express (Montreal)

31. The Inn at Bay Fortune (Bay Fortune, PEI)

32. Atelier (Ottawa)

33. La Quercia (Vancouver)

34. Mallard Cottage (St. John’s)

35. Bridgette Bar (Calgary)

36. Don Alfonso 1890 (Toronto)

37. Damas (Montreal)

38. Chez St. Pierre (Rimouski, QC)

39. Botanist (Vancouver)

40. L’Abattoir (Vancouver)

41. Ten Foot Henry (Calgary)

42. Monarque (Montreal)

43. Dandylion (Toronto)

44. Scaramouche (Toronto)

45. Moccione (Montreal)

46. Canis (Toronto)

47. La Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon (St-Benoît de Mirabel, QC)

48. Arvi (Quebec City)

49. Le Petit Mousso (Montreal)

50. Bündok (Edmonton)

51. Foreign Concept (Calgary)

52. Pigeonhole (Calgary)

53. Biera (Edmonton)

54. Aloette (Toronto)

55. Como Taperia (Vancouver)

56. Nora Gray (Montreal)

57. Liverpool House (Montreal)

58. Masayoshi (Vancouver)

59. Cioppino’s (Vancouver)

60. Foxy (Montreal)

61. Les Fougères (Chelsea, QC)

62. Maison Publique (Montreal)

63. Elena (Montreal)

64. Fogo Island Inn (Newfoundland)

65. Savio Volpe (Vancouver)

66. Jun I (Montreal)

67. Buca (King St., Toronto)

68. Quetzal (Toronto)

69. Bouillon Bilk (Montreal)

70. Jacob’s & Co (Toronto)

71. La Tanière (Quebec City)

72. Mott 32 (Vancouver)

73. Kiin (Toronto)

74. Donna’s (Toronto)

75. Actinolite (Toronto)

76. Elisa (Vancouver)

77. Model Milk (Calgary)

78. La Banane (Toronto)

79. Lulu Bar (Calgary)

80. The Pear Tree (Burnaby)

81. Hexagon (Oakville)

82. Pilgrimme (Galliano)

83. Il Pagliaccio (Montreal)

84. Brothers (Toronto)

85. Hearth (Saskatoon)

86. Le Club Chasse et Pêche (Montreal)

87. Shoushin (Toronto)

88. Published (Vancouver)

89. Milos (Montreal)

90. Rossmount Inn (New Brunswick)

91. Nightingale (Vancouver)

92. Tojo (Vancouver)

93. Candide (Montreal)

94. Alice (Ottawa)

95. Rouge (Calgary)

96. Battuto (Quebec)

97. AnnaLena (Vancouver)

98. Enoteca (Winnipeg)

99. Maenam (Vancouver)

100. River Café (Calgary)

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