What’s your shade style?

“The Manhattan” sunglasses by British eyewear designer Oliver Goldsmith.

The arrival of summer demands amping up our wardrobe of sunnies, and we couldn’t ask for more than a pair of these oversized – and iconic – shades from British eyewear designer Oliver Goldsmith.

Sophisticated Shape

“The Manhattan” is one of many styles Oliver Goldsmith designed for Audrey Hepburn as pieces of wardrobe for her movies including Charade, Two for the Road and How to Steal a Million. This is the style she wore in the most iconic of her roles though: Holly Golightly in Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Originally designed in 1960, the shape of The Manhattan has inspired countless interpretations and is arguably one of the most famous pairs of sunglasses ever worn.

Bold Design

A big, bold avant-garde design worn most famously by Lady Gaga, the “Y-Not” is a statement frame. Originally designed in 1966, it is a celebration of a decade that was loud and proud in fashion and design. It looks just as stylish and relevant today with the original date of its design emblazoned on the arm.

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