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KitchenAid releases their 2022 Colour of the Year: Beetroot

The "rich magenta" shade is available in the iconic stand mixer and blender today
The Colour of the Year for 2022 from KitchenAid is Beetroot. (Scroll down for the recipe for that tasty looking cake!)

KitchenAid just released two countertop appliances in a brand new colourway they are calling Beetroot, the brand’s 2022 Colour of the Year.

The folks over at Pantone also selected a shade in the purple realm as their 2022 Colour of the Year (Veri Peri), but the experts at KitchenAid have opted for a deep, rich shade with dark magenta undertones.

Available starting today for small appliances, including the iconic Artisan Stand Mixer and K400 Blender, Beetroot serves as an invitation to make every day more vibrant.

“At KitchenAid, creativity is championed by the power of colour,” said Julie Cluff, Director, Sales and Marketing, KitchenAid Canada. “This year is no different. Beetroot is vibrant and energizing, inviting cooks of all skill levels to feed their insatiable appetite for new experiences and make every meal more exciting than the last. 

“Looking at the outside of the beet, you’d never know the brightness concealed within,” said Jessica McConnell, Whirlpool Colour, Finish & Material Design. “When sliced open, it reveals extraordinary vibrance inside. The rich magenta with lush satin finish makes every day more vibrant with a pop of energizing colour.”

With the release of its 2022 Colour of the Year in the iconic Artisan Stand Mixer and K400 Blender, KitchenAid inspires makers to experiment in the kitchen and beyond. The K400 Blender (MSRP$299.99) and Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (MSRP$699.99)are now available at

Try these tasty beetroot-inspired recipes courtesy of KitchenAid Canada:

Chilaquiles with Spicy Beetroot Salsa
Zesty Roasted Beet Hummus

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