Canyon Ranch debuts new wellness retreat

CANYON RANCH, the integrative wellness industry leader for four decades, recently announced the opening of Canyon Ranch Wellness Retreat – Woodside, the brand’s first retreat model. Set on 16 acres covered in ancient redwoods in Woodside, California, the property is a true retreat to nature that offers an inspiring landscape for self-reflection.

The scenic property combines intimate spaces and a singular natural setting with multi-day, intentions-based programs. A thoughtful collection of spa, fitness, and mind-body services will further guests’ purpose during their stay. The spa will offer traditional, alternative, and modern therapies, including Canyon Ranch favourites and new signature treatments inspired by the redwood forest setting. Guests will have the ability to select from daily fitness classes, meditation sessions, nature walks, creative expression courses, wellness talks, and more.

Destination excursions will provide unprecedented access to the surrounding region and partners. Guests can enjoy guided mountain biking and hiking trips on some of the world’s best trails, intimate Equus coaching sessions, personalized vineyard and farm tours, and exclusive access to the region’s arts community. Private consultations, testing, and assessments with nutritionists, physiologists, spiritual wellness providers, and coaches will also be available to allow for a more tailored experience.


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