A spicy new scent by Maison Christian Dior to heat up the winter chill

MAISON CHRISTIAN DIOR’S latest fragrance is an exotic, spicy blend conjured up from the memories of perfumer François Demachy.

“Although I do not remember the smell of the famous Bay Rum lotion, I have a distinct memory of a bottle in my father’s pharmacy that stirred my curiosity. Spice Blend is the fragrant translation of an exotic image stemming from my childhood. This fragrance has a warm signature underlined by an unusual crowd of spices that meet and mingle. Spice Blend is like a whirlwind—but whether it stokes the fire or refreshes us is hard to say,” he says.

Spice Blend sits at a crossroads of spices with a signature scent that is striking, fresh and fiery. The main notes are inspired by the tropics, along with spices from around the world and a rum absolute.

Maison Christian Dior Spice Blend, $410/250mL; available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Toronto and dior.com.


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