World-renowned artist Anthony Ricciardi returns to Toronto

INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED, multidisciplinary contemporary artist Anthony Ricciardi is showcasing his latest collection at an interactive exhibit in Toronto. Dream Space at Yorkdale Mall – open to the public through the end of July – is a 2,500 square-foot immersive pop-up museum featuring Ricciardi’s original canvas work and sculpture series.

The gallery acts as an entry point to a “secret and hidden” pop-up experience filled with 15 large-scale interactive installations and multi-sensory immersive spaces inspired by Ricciardi’s creations, including a pool of gold coins. Visitors will also have the chance to take one of Ricciardi’s pieces home with prices starting at $100, up to $7,000. Admission to the gallery is free with a $15 admission fee to access the pop-up art installation and immersive space (children under 5 are free).

Ricciardi is known for his distinctive approach, which involves mixing colours and layering words and figures, often taken from pop culture and his life experiences. His emotion evoking pieces all convey his enthusiasm for life and thirst for creativity.


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